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Courseware Development

What is Sophia? It is a platform for posting tutorials for various academic subjects, in video, PowerPoint, or PDF format. Where did they get the name? No idea – maybe the originator is a fan of “The Golden Girls”?
  • How much does it cost a student to use Sophia? Nothing.
  • How much does it cost a teacher to post a tutorial on Sophia? Nada.
  • How much can a teacher make via Sophia? Zilch.
  • What’s the potential for positive name recognition if you post a useful tutorial on Sophia? Priceless.
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Goal Setting Courseware

Objective Setting is one of the many basic and important skills someone can establish. We touch on objective characteristics, time management, making a to do list, and exactly what to do when obstacles occur.

Our Goal Setting and Getting Things Done workshop will cover methods to assist your participants conquer procrastination. These skills will translate into enhanced satisfaction in their professional and individual lives. Your participants will discover the Goal Setting qualities of successful individuals and in turn will become happier and more productive individuals.

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